Alvaro A. Garcia
HallEinblick, April 2001

"salt blankets"
paintings on paper

Description: "I have had many interesting ideas and have finally decided on the one that has the strongest connection to Hallein.   "SALT BLANKETS"   
A series of painted images are thinly blanketted with a layer of salt. Under it they are partially hidden, preserved and protected. The raised glimpses through the salt film asserts their presence and promise re-emergence, a resurrection. These iconic images are archetypal in nature and representing redemption, mortality and the possibility of transformation. By introducing salt, I acknowledge an element that is woven into Hallein´s history and identity and beyond that is also an important component in the daily life of everyone. This combination of image and material links the work to the exhibition site and reinstates the icon´s symbolic relevance."
Alvaro A. Garcia ( January 19, 2001)

Alvaro A. Garcia
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