Andreas Wolkerstorfer
landSchaft, August 2003

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person | Andreas Wolkerstorfer | born in 1964 in Salzburg | studied German studies and Philosophy in Salzburg | living in Gutau, Upperaustria / Austria | jobs: editing, layout, printservice, webservice | site | made with Photoshop 7.0 and GoLive 6.0 | photos | made with Canon PowerShot S 20 | woodcuts | are for sale, please ask per mail, prices are nice | art | I don't believe that art can change your life | language | rather German than English, please excuse the second | success | what is success, when everybody measures it | mountains | I like them and sometimes I climb them with Titan / Prodesign, a very fine wing | and I like the storys told by the pilots | drawing | to have a talent for drawing or not - drawing is a good thing to be aware of the things around you and the things in your head | toes | do not tread on somebodys toes | system | I like the alphabet - if your head is empty, try to get words for example with the letter W... woodcut for example, wrapped up in one's work, way, weekly, words ...