Roberto Cardone
leise Reise
Juli 2018
Titel: "Contrasti" 2010
Öl auf Leinwand

Beschreibung: 50 x 80 cm

Biographie: Roberto Cardone was born in Udine on February 1938 and lives and works in Moimacco (Udine). He has been painting since his youth representing on canvas foreshortened images of memories full of love for sea people and “his” Grado lagoon. His simple and very personal style, suggested exclusively by his profound sensitivity, by vibrating emotions transferred on canvas seldom  shows gloomy and stormy colours but more often smooth and peaceful ones, where the main theme, the sea, gets on well with the artist and offers his peace of mind.

As a painter of memories, Roberto Cardone has realized for years, with his canvas, the chapters of a great poem dedicated to Grado Lagoon where the fisherman is always the protagonist as the metaphor of waiting patiently. Some recurring elements, such as “bricole” (a sort of mooring post) very often appearing as reassuring points on the water, can look as a symbols but they are not representing abstract entities: on the contrary they are landmarks and concrete presence. And so are the boats, the nets, the objects, the houses and the men of the untold faces : you can see a man, a fisherman, all the men suspended in their eternal waiting and hoping.

Roberto Cardone’s technique too is interesting and original, and it looks to be particularly meaningful of his way to be an artist. On his unprepared canvas the painter spreads skies at wide-range and on them he transfers the images of his feeling using tube colours with the swiftness and mellowness peculiar to the wall painting.

These are particular results that reject the brightness and the possibility of superpositions of the oil technique, and that keeps the swiftness of execution and the pastel and absorbing surface of the fresco.

L. Member of Royal Society of Marine Artists, London.